Learning Technologies

These are tools and implements – designed with the learners’ needs in mind – that facilitate learning and create memorable learning experiences.

ADEC Innovations Knowledge Management is inspired by the best learning technologies from classrooms and L&D groups around the world.

  1. LMS (Access) – Our learning platform is inspired by the dynamic needs of learners to ensure flexible learning.

  2. LMS (Totara) – A next-level platform where you can organize content, resources, assessments, records, and certifications.

  3. Ascentify – An AI-based language training and assessment platform that banks on speech analytics to measure proficiency levels and recommend learning modules for development.

Learning Technologies

Learning Architecture

More than just consultants, we partner with you to design and develop learning solutions tailored to your organization's needs.

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Managed Learning

We do the heavy lifting on your learning implementations. Our decades of experience in different learning ecosystems make the difference.

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Bespoke Content

Not a one-size-fits-all solution. We spend time to create content that your learners need based on the required knowledge and learning styles.

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