Versatility in Learning Technology: Harnessing Totara’s Power


The need for engaged and skilled employees has become an integral factor in organizations. Active and qualified employees are molded through years of practice and training. But unfortunately, most of us compromise with rigid, overpriced learning management systems. As a result, the growth and development of learners have been marginal.

Not with Totara Learn. It is a transformational, cost-effective learning management system (LMS) trusted by many learners worldwide.

Totara is a one-stop-shop learning suite with all the tools you need for transformational learning.

Customized optimization with cool branding themes, designs, and report builder.

With Totara Learn, institutions can support their people for success. It is an incredible Growth Engine that provides users with engaging and intelligent learning experiences, custom branding, and easy access to support and tutorials.

Mobile app for compliance and training management.

Train employees on the move and achieve consistency in your training process with Totara Learn. Developed by experts with years of experience supporting organizations, it’s an excellent solution that provides a wide range of compliance and training management system to help improve safety and security while reducing business risks.

Extended enterprise delivery and course management in one.

Totara Learn’s course management module enables users to streamline the delivery process of e-learning courses efficiently. With a single instance of the LMS and customized learning paths for each user, this feature will help you create, set up, and manage all course features in one place.


An LMS program like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Since its launch, Totara Learn has proved to be a powerful tool for learning that boasts of its versatility, convenience, flexibility, and ease of access. Over time, its transformational learning capabilities allowed it to evolve from a learning experience tool to a Talent Experience platform that empowers its users to perform at their best.

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