Totara Perform: A Cut Above the Rest


Totara is rapidly transforming the learning technology software market by giving organizations worldwide the freedom to learn. Totara’s innovative and disruptive learning technology solutions are putting the power back in the hands of enterprises, schools, and universities, with a range of solutions that can be configured to meet specific needs. This is where Totara Perform comes in.

What are Totara Perform’s key features?

The ultra-modern and flexible performance management capabilities ensure organizations remain competitive by allowing the development of an agile and resilient workforce through its savvy list of critical features making Totara Perform a cut above others in performance  management.

Performance review workflow builder

Totara Perform provides the flexibility to support performance management processes that match each organization's unique workflows. Totara Perform a robust and scalable performance management platform that has been proven over many years supporting large  organizations. With this offering, Totara is providing an advanced technology solution that is available on-demand at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.

Flexible check-in

Totara Perform is an efficient system that ensures the alignment of the employees with sustaining performance while boosting organizational output. Frequent performance check-ins with superiors and mentors maintain forward momentum, thus, providing timely insights so its users can take appropriate plans and actions that meet corporate goals.

360-degree feedback

Totara Perform’s capacity exceeds other  performance management platforms as it provides an objective insight into the design of a  development plan, and helps contributors see areas of growth, while providing constructive suggestions to close performance gaps and develop and advance team members.

Powerful graphical reporting for reliable and timely decision making

Business leaders today are under more pressure to make decisions faster and more accurately. The only way to do this is with reliable, real-time data that is easy to understand and actionable. This is why the latest version of Totara Perform allows you to create visual reports easily.

Connect Performance with learning

Totara Performance allows users to connect performance management if it's integrated with Totara Learn. This is done by creating a competency map and a set of competencies that employees need to achieve the intended performance outcome.

Easily integrate with third-party applications.

Totara’s performance management software easily integrates with Human Capital Management (HCM) products such as payroll, recruiting, talent management, etc.


Totara’s commitment to growing employee engagement through advanced learning, and optimization of performance management  technologies, enables large corporations, government entities and mid-market companies to produce high-caliber talent and workforce experiences.

Evident by its product’s key features and benefits, Totara Perform’s innovative brilliance directly reflects its unique value. See what Totara Perform can offer by visiting the website to book a demo today or download the resource material for free!



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