The Rise of Blended Workforces in the New Normal


Thanks to advances in technology in the new normal, companies are now more open to more flexible work arrangements. Based on Glassdoor data, remote work opportunities provide more access to a wider talent pool in 2022. In fact, 64.2% of HR admins who are currently working in the office believe the future of work is remote or blended.

Why is Blended Workforce popular?

Because of their flexibility, blended workforces are increasingly used by businesses. Around 66% of companies in 2022 are considering to transition into hybrid work. Blended work arrangements are here to stay as companies cost-save while employees enjoy more flexibility.

Demand for flexibility

The benefits of work-life balance encouraged many to go freelancing. This has created opportunities for companies to grow their business by tapping on outsourced top talents at a very reasonable rate.

Learning experience platforms (LXPs) like Totara Engage help outsourced talents to stay connected with the company through online discussions and learning communities, allowing them to share resources and perform at their best. 

Improved Accessibility

Communication channels have become varied and available. Channels like Totara Engage have enabled teams to explore alternative collaborative spaces where they can share ideas, check productivity levels and plan better solutions for work-related matters.

Adopting Blended Workforce Arrangements

Blended workforce enables organizations to be more flexible and adaptive to the changing market dynamics. By promoting cost-savings and streamlining operations, it provides new ways for tasks to be completed and teamwork to be executed. However, this can only be possible if the efforts of an organization is supported by a platform that best understands the new dynamics of a blended workforce. 

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