The Impact of Rapid Change



Changing market dynamics have made businesses more competitive, causing both internal and external changes. Such changes cause fear and panic to organizations. Leaders are capable of cushioning this by understanding the root cause and addressing it accordingly.

Below are three common factors leaders need to recognize:


Fear is understandable in any organizational changes. The key to managing this is by being clear, transparent, and open across the board about the company’s plans. Communication platforms like Totara Engage provide opportunities for leaders to connect with its downlines to appease their fears and concerns.

Organizational Culture

Open and transparent culture lessens the unintended impact of shifts. This promotes confidence among all ranks helping everyone to see the benefits making them supportive and less resistant to change. 

Through Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) like Totara Engage, leaders have the chance to collaborate with their employees and explain the changes, while both are given the opportunity to provide feedback.

Facilitating Transitions

Change is difficult for both employees and the management. Openness and willingness to accept are important in facilitating a seamless transition. Thanks to Totara Engage, adapting to collaborative digital learning arrangements is now possible.

Gradual transitions help employees to adapt to the new system, while management can think of new ways to deal with bottlenecks.

Moving Forward while Mazimizing Performance

Managing change should not be difficult for organizations to handle. With great leadership, defined direction, and a comprehensive tool that can facilitate collaboration and communication, transitions can be managed effectively.


Download this infographic to gain more insights about how organizations are currently thriving and adopting to the rapidly changing workforce arrangements. Visit Totara learning website to learn more about the features and collaborative functions of Totara Engage.



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