How to Foster Social and Collaborative Learning Among Digital Learners


For decades, L&D and knowledge management teams have been focusing on social and collaborative learning.  However, many companies are still new to the concept of restructuring their learning programs.

Social and collaborative learning is beneficial to employees since they can proactively share content and ask questions to their co-workers in real-time. With the emergence of social and interactive platforms, digital learners can now access vast learning resources such as blogs, videos, animations, and eBooks.

In today’s blended work setup, facilitating communication between teams can be done through the use of video conferencing tools and digital messaging apps. Now, with Totara Engage, course managers and learners can work together and share expertise to develop content relevant to their work.

How to Make Collaborative Learning Effective?

Chat forums and discussions facilitate active learning while encouraging learners to share knowledge significant to the courses. Through the utilization of LMS platforms like Totara Learn, digital learners can make the most of their learning experience.

Facilitate Blended, Team-Based Learning With Peer-to-Peer Coaching 

The absence of shared experiences due to a lack of social connection is one of the challenges that remote workers endure. With Totara Learn, individual learners can contribute to a course blog and share development progress.


To learn more about how to deliver impactful social learning, feel free to download Totara Learn’s social and collaborative learning feature sheet.



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