Saving More Lives by Making Disaster Management Courses More Accessible & Relatable

Executive Summary

An international non-government organization (NGO) maximized the effectiveness and efficiency of eLearning delivery to empower individuals in becoming more resilient in times of calamities. ADEC Innovations Knowledge Management (KM) popularized technical concepts from the source material and converted them into a relatable set of modules that surpassed the initial expectations of the NGO. As a result, the NGO now has a wider audience for their disaster preparedness training.   


The Client

An international non-government organization (NGO) whose thrust is to save more lives by teaching disaster preparedness and management to various institutions and organizations.


The Challenge

Converting a face-to-face DRRM program to an engaging, self-paced eLearning module

The international NGO sought to convert their current face-to-face disaster risk and reduction management (DRRM) classes into an eLearning module. This is in line with their vision of saving more lives through disaster preparedness. Their current program includes several technical concepts, which the module must simplify to maximize lesson retention among learners. This module must also be accessible through any device to enable self-paced learning.

Different sectors can benefit from this new eLearning course. School-aged children can have easier access to a comprehensive DRRM course at the comfort of their own homes. Local governments and businesses can use this eLearning course to educate their own DRRM units and employees. Teachers can also feature this course in discussing the best way to prepare for natural disasters among their students.


The Solution

A set of highly relatable self-paced eLearning modules

ADEC Innovations KM combined its tried-and-tested learning principles and ADEC Innovations’ technological capabilities on data management to create a standardized online DRRM course that empowers individuals into preparing for any and every natural disaster.

Through constant collaboration with the NGO and a team of eLearning content developers, ADEC Innovations KM converted the classroom-standard DRRM training program into eight training modules. Interactive elements such are also included in the eLearning course to make these modules more appealing and digestible. These SCORM-compliant modules can be accessed through any device, be it mobile or desktop.

After the modules were developed and tested, these were uploaded into the client’s own learning management system. Learners can simply access these modules by entering their credentials on the organization’s site.


The Result

A sustainable online disaster training with a wider reach

With the online DRRM course developed by ADEC Innovations KM, the NGO is no longer limited to the traditional delivery of their disaster training, thereby significantly minimizing logistics-related problems and reducing carbon footprint.

The digitized DRRM training allows more local government units and schools to align and standardize their knowledge on disaster preparedness. These modules also provide the NGO the means to track and monitor the progress of learners as they go through the course at their own pace.

Currently, the organization’s LMS is being accessed by over 50,000 users all over the world. With these numbers, the NGO’s vision of spreading the message of disaster preparedness and prevention has come into fruition.

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