Rethinking Employee Engagement Strategies to Maximize Learning and Development Programs



Many companies suffered from tech lapses while trying to adapt to the emerging demands of remote and blended work arrangements. Now that most organizations have been well-adjusted to this kind of setup, employee well-being and satisfaction have now become part of the most significant workplace priorities. 

Find out how you can drive better employee productivity and satisfaction by rethinking employee engagement trends and strategies in today’s work landscape.

Seamless Collaboration Using a Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

When facilitating formal and informal learning, LXPs like Totara Engage, In conjunction with learning management systems or LMS,  play a significant role in ensuring that organizations have access to relevant content. the use of LXPs allows companies to build better employee engagement.

Improved Productivity Through a Cohesive Learning Platform

Digital learners can now enjoy seamless access to vast learning resources, which makes it easier for them to discover content useful to their work. Employees can benefit from a cohesive learning experience platform that could enhance their performance at work.

Curation of a Resourceful Content Playlist

In many ways, Totara Engage allows its digital learners to organize and curate their own content playlist and share it with their colleagues. Content playlists help learners save time in finding valuable resources.

Enhance Employee Engagement to Retain Top Talent

Organizations are likely to succeed if their employees are highly engaged in the workplace. After all, the greatest asset of a company is its people. Learn more about Totara’s Talent Experience platform here and download this Totara Engage resource for more insights.



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