Reskilling and Upskilling With Transformative Learning: Four Freedoms of Totara Learn


The rapid advancements in technology paved the way for the improvement of digital learning in today’s work landscape. According to a 2020 report by the World Economic Forum, 54% of employees require significant reskilling in 2022. Companies must focus on expanding their internal talent base to address skills gaps.

Reshape Your Employees to Deliver Better Performance

Now more than ever, organizations need to deliver training, improve engagement, and ensure compliance. With Totara Learn’s flexible learning management system (LMS), you can transform digital learning to fit the needs of your organization through Totara’s Four Freedoms: 

Freedom to Innovate

With great adaptability, you have the power to empower your digital learners. The growing demands in today’s business landscape give you the opportunity to future-proof your investments.

Freedom to Save

Learning shouldn’t be expensive. Unlike other leading enterprise-class learning platforms, Totara Learn lets you invest in relevant training materials such as e-Learning modules, PDF resources, animations, and videos, up to links to external content.

Freedom of Choice

Totara Learn lets you freely choose what learning approach works best for you. Its flexibility and value-added expertise will further strengthen your learning and development strategies.

Freedom to Learn

Totara’s open and flexible framework is at the heart of every successful digital learning approach. Companies can boost their learning experience design while understanding their learners’ goals.

Innovate Learning Practices to Widen Employee Skills

The key to transformational learning is evaluating and understanding specific competencies required for each job role. Focusing on upskilling and reskilling employees can help companies retain top talent and decrease onboarding costs.

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