Personalizing Corporate Training is Key to Learners’ Growth

Personalized corporate training offers a new way to hone various talents throughout a  team, as it works according to each member’s personal needs, learning style, retention speed, and interests. Through this, learners become more engaged with a program relevant to their milestones and knowledge gaps.

As this kind of training features a learner-centric approach, learning can occur whenever and wherever necessary. This enables your employees to develop broader skillsets and fit in a highly competitive environment.

Given the demand for a tailored training program, organizations all around the world are compelled to follow suit. According to a survey conducted by Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning and Degreed:

  • 85 percent of learners are aware of their skill gaps
  • 61 percent agrees that their organizations need to aid them in aligning their individual goals and skill gaps

Personalized corporate training provides high-quality resources, collaborative, and social approaches which are integral for individually successful employees.

How does personalized corporate training work?

Every personalized corporate training program uses eLearning as a medium. Learning materials, which are often prepared and presented by instructors, are designed with interactive features to ensure learner engagement such as virtual conference, videos, podcasts, or software programs.

Learning is often self-paced, with instructors supervising the learning process and guiding the learners throughout. Although they are challenged to create an interactive environment through virtual teaching, personalized training results in custom-fit and targeted learning that yield higher learner engagement.

Targeted Learning

 Targeted learning addresses the fact that each employee has a different learning need, or a different room for improvement. Generally, organizations conduct course assessment to determine what these learners need to learn. By assessing their current skills, instructors can then design efficient learning programs that address their skill gaps. 

Learner Engagement

According to a LinkedIn Learning survey, 94 percent of employees prefer to stay at their current company if it invested in their career development. The same study revealed that 58 percent of the employees learn at their own pace, while 49 percent learn best at the point of need. Furthermore, they are more likely to get engaged if they were given the freedom to choose their learning path. Organizations must keep in mind that employees’ own preference is crucial in learner engagement as well. 


In personalized corporate training, the content is customized to fit each learner’s unique needs. Learning technologies enable instructors to gather data about these unique learning needs, analyze their skill gaps, and provide the appropriate learning programs suited for their needs.


Technology has introduced innovative ways to learn. In fact, it has enabled organizations to execute personalized corporate training. But it doesn’t stop there: a collaborative effort between people, processes, and technological tools, spurred further by investing on knowledge assets, are keys to achieve sustainable growth.


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