Organizational Challenges in Blended Workforces and How to Overcome Them



Transitioning to the new normal of work has challenged organizations to build a more inclusive, flexible, and sustainable work landscape. Many business leaders and HR professionals have yet to figure out combining remote and on-site work in a way that drives optimal collaboration and efficiency among employees.

Some organizations are still finding it hard to figure out what hybrid really means. While there are virtual tools to help them address current organizational difficulties, the real challenge is sustaining employee growth and development despite the ever-changing learning and organizational landscape. 

With the help of a learning experience platform (LXP) like Totara Engage, employees can hone critical skills and competencies crucial to today’s growing learning demands.

Develop a Competitive Talent Base

In a highly dynamic market, organizations must focus on upskilling their existing talent base to hone their employees’ skills and capabilities. Through social and collaborative learning across teams, companies can tap their employees’ potential to stay ahead of the competition.

Optimize Employee Experience and Engagement

Managing today’s distributed workforce offers insights into how companies adapt and collaborate through various tech tools. As businesses continue to develop hybrid work models, employers must cater to the learning needs and growing demands of their blended workforce. 

Build a Flexible, Inclusive, and Proactive Workspace

Maintaining a safe and collaborative remote or hybrid work environment leads to happier and satisfied employees. To learn more about Totara Engage, download the Totara workspace eBook today and see how it can help business leaders address organizational challenges in today’s work landscape. 



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