Launching a New Pharmaceutical Product Through eLearning

Executive Summary

Southeast Asia’s leading healthcare marketing specialist required standardized training materials to equip their sales team with the proper knowledge on a new pharmaceutical product. ADEC Innovations Knowledge Management (KM) took their requirements a step further by creating bespoke eLearning modules that made the product training more comprehensive yet more digestible. Though originally designed to augment the company’s pre-launch training activities, these materials are now being used as an in-house module for other departments.


The Client

The company is among Southeast Asia’s foremost pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing specialists, with a presence in over 10 countries across the region.


The Challenge

Marketing a game-changing product through a well-equipped sales team

The company was in the process of introducing a new pharmaceutical product into the market. This product, a world-class wound spray, aimed to lower treatment costs by promoting a shorter treatment period for wounds.

Part of successfully introducing this new product into the Asian market is ensuring sufficient product knowledge among their sales team. It is essential for their sales team, regardless of their location, to be the ambassadors of this product by having a full understanding of how the product works and how it can benefit its potential users.

To achieve this, the company needed standard training materials that discussed the product, including a background on early clinical trials resulting in its development. The company aims to instill among their sales team around Asia the knowledge on the product’s benefits, proper usage, and application.


The Solution

A detailed and bespoke eLearning module

ADEC Innovations KM collaborated with the company in developing a set of bespoke eLearning content about their new product. With the product knowledge provided by the company combined with ADEC Innovations KM’s tried-and-tested learning technologies, the latter created a set of customized and SCORM-compliant eLearning modules. These modules were designed to reinforce product knowledge among the company’s sales team.

Topics such as the product’s benefits and proper usage were delivered in digestible forms such as digital lectures, animated short videos, and interactive activities. Through these formats, the sales team not only gained the product knowledge necessary in promoting the new product during and after its launch, but was also able to properly explain the product’s potential benefits in reducing the treatment period for wounds.


The Outcome

An in-house module rolled out company-wide

The company used these eLearning modules to provide standardized product training for over 300 sales personnel across Southeast Asia prior to the product’s launch. By having the same level of product knowledge, the sales team was able to endorse the new product once it became available in the market.

Furthermore, the company realized the modules’ value even after the product’s launch. As a result, the company rolled out these modules to other departments that required extensive knowledge of the new product. Now an in-house training module, ADEC Innovations KM’s bespoke eLearning content proved its usefulness beyond pre-launch training.

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