Integrating Gamification in Learning Programs


Many have transitioned to the work from home (WFH) model responsive to the “new normal” of the business landscape. It offers notable benefits and challenges to both companies and employees, although it is not easy to highlight professional achievements online, which is crucial in keeping enthusiasm at work.

Building a community

Organizations commonly conduct regular forums or video conferences where team members share professional updates that help track daily assignments, weekly collaborative tasks that maintain the team's connectivity, and online multiplayer games like quizzes that encourage new learning.

Establishing meaningful goal-setting

One way to address workforce challenges in the new normal is goal-setting, which provides specific and measurable objectives that advance the workforce's learning paths. It enables both learners to determine areas to improve while trainers are empowered to design appropriate content.

Engaging through recognition

Badges are a prominent game element that may be integrated into WFH learning. certain tasks. Totara Learn is an admin-driven learning management system (LMS) used in creating learning plans and an admin-driven platform to deliver training for compliance. 

Totara Learn courses have badges that acknowledge employees' contributions and efforts in learning activities. In addition, personalized and customized certificates may be generated with the organization's logo, color palette, and preferred design. Signatures may also be added to complete the recognition.

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