How to Monitor Workforce Productivity Using Performance Management Systems


Performance management refers to the organization's role in creating a work environment where the workforce is enabled to reach their best abilities. However, facilitating remote performance is challenging for the human resource (HR) team.

Both organizations and employees need to adjust to the many implications of the changing work environment. While doing so, focusing on the development of employees and ensuring the alignment of company goals with theirs can be overwhelming. 

Setting Personal Development Plans

Employees can use a personal development plan (PDP) to list down their personal goals, set out how they want to grow, and what particular actions they need to take. This helps companies identify which training programs are adequate for their team members.

Monitoring Workforce Consistently

Organizations must recognize that they can't monitor every aspect of their employees' actions, especially in a remote setting. With efficient compliance monitoring, companies can ensure improved performance among their employees while keeping their data secure.

Reviewing the Objectives

When a situation changes, the objective adjusts too. Organizations need to set realistic goals and expectations to avoid misconceptions in the long run. Reviewing their company objectives from time to time will keep them aligned with how their collective contribution impacts organizational growth.

For the HR team, monitoring work progress and productivity requires a robust performance management system that can help alleviate the HR team's burden. Totara Perform provides managers with various tools to tailor individual learning plans aligned with organizational goals.

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