How Businesses Adapt and Thrive in a Rapidly Changing World


Most businesses have adopted a variety of technology-based tools to maximize their day-to-day operations. Keeping in mind efficiency and cost-savings, technologies are acquired to help run operations in the fastest way possible. However, the magnitude of technology’s impact on the workforce and workplace is often overlooked.

Promoting Better Relationships

Workplace technology has bridged the gap between employees and supervisors. In the early days, access to information and data is restricted within the workplace. Communications now are much more relaxed, collaboration is more possible, and learning is more dynamic as everyone is comfortable and at ease with supportive, open workplace culture.

Pushing for Better Collaboration 

Organizations have always longed for better collaboration and communication between teams. It helps the organization move forward, plan, and respond better to varying business situations.

With the advent of learning experience platforms or LXPs like Totara Engage, teams can connect better and swiftly across all parts of the world. It facilitates interdepartmental communication and ensures every person involved in a project is always on the same page.

Enhancing Work-Life Balance

With many companies adopting a flexible working arrangement, this new norm has serious implications for the work-life balance of employees. Employers must actively look for platforms that will better improve communication, collaboration, and open learning across all teams and ranks.

Maximize Learning Technologies With the Help of Totara 

An effective tool for better employee engagement is the Totara Talent Experience Platform. It comes with Totara Learn’s training courses, learning communities at Totara Engage, and employee records to track their progress via Totara Perform.


Download this infographic to find out how you can maximize the Totara Talent Experience Platform for better work efficiency, training, and communication across the teams.


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