Fostering Global Citizens with a Best-in-Class Language Program

Executive Summary

A private school planned to introduce a course on Mandarin among their junior and senior high school students, yet they lack the manpower and the capabilities to do so. ADEC Innovations Knowledge Management (KM) created a compelling global language program that involved remote classes with a certified foreign language instructor and a set of digestible eLearning modules. As a result, these students were able to learn basic Mandarin within a shorter period of time.


The Client

A private school that offers all levels of education, from preschool to college.


The Challenge

Implementing a global language program

The institution sought to improve the learning experience of their junior and senior high school students by introducing them to Mandarin, one of the world’s most widely spoken language. This is in line with their vision of developing culturally aware and globally competitive individuals.

Implementing a global language program also came with its own set of challenges. The school preferred to have their language program taught by a certified foreign language teacher. However, they lack a certified language instructor among their faculty members and hiring one would be time- and resource-consuming. What the school needed was a solution that can provide the same quality of education offered by a full-time foreign language teacher.   


The Solution

A tech-enabled and DepEd-aligned Mandarin language program

ADEC Innovations KM went beyond the school’s expectations by taking their global language program online. First, they designed a language course based on tried-and-tested learning principles to ensure maximum learning retention. Then, they utilized ADEC Innovations’ technological capabilities in creating a tech-enabled program for junior and senior high school students that offers more benefits compared to traditional face-to-face instruction.

Part of this language program are actual classes conducted remotely by certified language instructors through webcams. ADEC Innovations KM took care of setting up the equipment, both hardware and software, necessary in carrying out these remotely conducted classes. These sessions are facilitated by a faculty member.

This program also encouraged students to take their learning outside the classroom through online eLearning modules. These modules, uploaded in a learning management system (LMS) developed by ADEC Innovations KM, contain digestible and appealing learning content aligned with the standards set by DepEd.


The Outcome

High learning retention rates within a shorter period of time

After its implementation, the school experienced benefits that went beyond the costs and resources saved. Their needs were met satisfactorily, as their junior and high school students were able to retain the lessons from the Mandarin language program within a shorter period of time.

In 2013, the school was able to achieve a 50 percent passing rate in the HSK Level 1 Certification Test after having their students undergo only 60 hours of Mandarin lessons. This rate steadily increased in the next few years, and the program enabled the school to finally achieve a 100% passing rate in 2018. Usually, takers of the HSK Level 1 Certification Test undergo 100 hours of Mandarin lessons to receive a passing grade.

Driven by this success rate, the school began pilot-testing a course on Nihongo in 2019, again with the help of ADEC Innovations KM. This is in acknowledgement of ADEC Innovations KM’s tech-enabled language program and its effectiveness not only in teaching a foreign language, but also in reinforcing these lessons among learners within a shorter timeframe.

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