Empower Your Employees With Flexible and Transformational Learning


Corporate trainers and learners need a robust platform to track, report, and automate learning in informal or formal arrangements.

Learning management systems (LMS) like Totara Learn offer cost-efficient solutions, evident in slashed instructor, infrastructure, and program fees. Totara Learn enables organizations to integrate upskilling initiatives into their programs while employees reach their professional career goals.

The Key Features of Totara Learn

Audience and automation

Totara Learn enables trainers or course managers to automatically assign learning courses to a specific group that may be categorized by their role, team, and skills.

Training management and Compliance

Corporate learners can gain specific competencies they need to upskill given their increased accessibility to deliver eLearning courses in LMS. Totara Learn also adheres to regulatory compliance to ensure data security and reduce business risks.

Classroom Integration

Organizations must adopt a new work model emerging in the past year and prepare to bring training programs to the comfort of their employees' homes. Totara Learn empowers organizations to conduct blended learning that supports both online and offline learning.

Mobile Content Delivery and Creation Tool

Totara Learn has lifted learning restrictions for corporate learners by having an available mobile training app. This essentially improves completion rates by making learning convenient.

Upskill your workforce through flexible and transformational learning with the help of Totara Learn. Schedule your personalized demo through our website or download this Totara resource to learn more.


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