Employing Advanced Performance Management Tools to Deliver a Highly Productive Workforce


A company’s employees are its greatest assets. That's why it is important to have a modernized talent management platform. Totara helps you manage employee activities and provides visibility into their daily tasks and performance. It's easy to use, adaptable to your needs and will support your business focus on growth and profitability.

Totara was built with the purpose of becoming a performance management system of choice that offers a robust set of tools to help its users excel in the role they are in. With its ability to help organize and monitor employees’ performance simply and intuitively, this platform is more than just a piece of software; it's a complete management system that boosts workplace productivity anytime, anywhere by increasing engagement, enhancing workforce productivity, and adapting to performance management systems.

The enhanced performance management tools you need for a highly productive workforce

We all know how hard it is to write a performance review. So we're trying to make it easier with Totara Perform. It allows frequent and flexible performance check-ins while tracking employees’ development, measuring people's skills, and telling them which ones they are missing.

Access your all-in-one productivity suite with just one click

Totara Perform offers the core features that many companies are looking for. As a result, it is an optimal choice for companies seeking an advanced and feature-rich package, especially as they move toward digital transformation.

Performance management is more than goals, targets, and assignments. It's time to take your performance management to the next level. Totara Perform will liberate your employees while keeping them focused on their key metrics. Recognize talent and help your employees excel.

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