Elevating Remote Workforces to Future-Proof Your Business


Working from home has become the norm. In the past year alone, only a small fraction of the workforce had the option to work remotely.

Despite the pandemic imposing the WFH economy, changes were inevitable. Employee growth training becomes repetitive, and approaches to learning are too outdated and not engaging. If productivity is to be improved, employees must feel motivated to do so. 

Some companies may not be able to adapt to a 100% remote workforce, but the number of companies who do will have a greater impact than the company, its staff and its customers.

What are the benefits of remote workforces?

Better access to talent

Remote workforces afford the HR and management the liberty of hiring workers from other geographical locations. This entails getting the chance to work with the best and the brightest across all projects. 

Scaling strategy 

With too much competition in the market, hiring remote workforces allows businesses to better manage their finances and stay on budget during busy and slow periods of the business.  

The Future of Remote Workforces

As the number of employees working at home increases, both positive and negative effects will be felt by individuals, organizations they work for, and the larger economy. Companies can reduce the struggle by changing their processes and implementing the right collaboration and communication tools. 

Adopting platforms like Totara can easily help companies to better improve learning and collaboration in the workplace. Totara has empowered organizations to better equip employees with skills, knowledge and network to better communicate and collaborate. 

Totara as a Dynamic, Progressive Learning Platform

With the help of Totara Talent experience platform, employees can be better managed and prepared to adjust to the new arrangements. With its expansive features and easy-to-use interface, collaboration and projects are easily managed, delegated and accomplished. 

Download this insightful infographic from Totara, and check out the Totara learning website to learn more on how you can better improve employee collaboration and engagement in remote workforces.


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