Elevating an Entire Learning Architecture:
The ADB Experience

Executive Summary

To elevate the learning experience from the Asia Leadership Program, the Asian Development Bank tapped ADEC Innovations Knowledge Management (KM) to create an event-dedicated learning management system. By combining tried-and-tested learning methodologies and innovative tools, ADEC Innovations KM created sets of compelling and interactive modules for a wide variety of topics.


The Client

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is an international development finance institution committed to eradicating poverty and promoting sustainability. ADB provides loans, technical assistance, and grants to projects that create a significant economic and development impact.


The Challenge

Modernizing ADB’s Asia Leadership Program

In 2012, the ADB established the Asia Leadership Program on Sustainable Development and Climate Change, with the aim of inspiring “change agents” to incorporate new solutions for climate change and sustainable development. Spurred by the program’s success, ADB went on to hold another edition of the Asia Leadership Program the following year.

For this edition, ADB wanted to elevate the learning experience of their attendees, which consisted of policy-makers, environment advocates, and members of the civil society, among others. The organization also sought to improve how information is delivered to learners, given the wide variety of topics (e.g. leadership for sustainability, global sustainable development governance, food-energy-water-climate nexus) discussed during the program. ADB further wanted to prompt ideas from learners as a result of this program, with the aim of turning them into viable project proposals.


The Solution

A dedicated learning management system for the Asia Leadership Program

ADB sought the capabilities of ADEC Innovations KM to create a dedicated learning management system (LMS) for the Asia Leadership Program. With ADB’s wealthy pool of related resources, ADEC Innovations KM incorporated their tried-and-tested learning methodologies to create a set of well-structured eLearning modules specifically for the conference. These modules were then uploaded into the dedicated LMS, which can be accessed on any device.

Apart from an event-dedicated LMS, ADEC Innovations KM tapped into ADEC Innovations’ technological capabilities in creating an adaptive and mobile-responsive website for the Asia Leadership Program. This website, integrated with the LMS, also contained the latest news and updates on the ongoing event. As with the LMS, the event-dedicated website can also be accessed on any device.


The Outcome

Total transformation of ADB’s learning landscape

Through the LMS and website, the Asia Leadership Program became more interactive, with its more than 2,000 participants encouraged to remotely partake in discussions. The learning experience became more streamlined, as learner roles have been clearly defined early on. At the end of the conference, ADB was able to track milestones achieved, such as project proposals submitted by the participants.

However, the partnership between ADB and ADEC Innovations KM did not end with the Asia Leadership Program. Along the line, ADB realized the need to convert their library of technical and scientific papers into a set of easy-to-understand eLearning modules. These modules are then to be uploaded in an LMS that can be accessed by ADB’s employees, consultants, and stakeholders.

ADB recognized ADEC Innovations KM’s capabilities in elevating the learning experience through its LMS and eLearning modules. As a result, the contract-based delivery during the Asia Leadership Program has been transformed into a long-term consultancy agreement, wherein ADEC Innovations KM serves as the main architect for ADB’s entire learning ecosystem consisting of over 100,000 learners around Asia.


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