Effective Ways to Maximize Employee Engagement


Many businesses are transitioning to the new normal of blended remote and hybrid work arrangements. As companies revamp their traditional employee engagement strategies, the push for more practical ways to boost learning and development programs continues to help business leaders and HR managers retain their top talent.

How to Create and Promote a Collaborative Workspace?

The key to achieving a social and collaborative learning landscape is utilizing a practical and up-to-date learning management system. With platforms like Totara Engage, it will be easier to implement peer-to-peer interaction and improve employee engagement across teams in various departments.


A Positive, Healthy, and Safe Space for Learners

Setting up collaborative workspaces across teams is now made easier through Totara Engage. When employees actively engage at work and collaborate with their teammates, they are more likely to increase their job satisfaction and performance. 

Interactive Learning Communities to Share Relevant Resources

Technology has been a catalyst for implementing new approaches to remote learning. With Totara Engage, instructors and learners can join workspaces and actively participate in learning discussions within the platform.

Elevate Learning Engagement to Drive Work Performance

Discover innovative and effective ways to manage productivity and increase learning engagement among your employees. To learn more about the valuable features of Totara Engage, feel free to access our digital learning materials and training modules.

Download the Totara Engage resource to find out how you can collaborate seamlessly with your employees.



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