Delivering Power and Flexibility in Transformational Learning


The traditional approach to learning relies heavily on content managers or trainers. Over the years, corporate learners have responded to organizations' learning needs and expectations.

They might be completing compliance training but not gaining essential information relevant to their professional goals, Companies' challenge has become more apparent—deliver training to upskill their employees even in non-traditional ways. There are three fundamental factors affecting the efficiency of remote training programs, namely engagement, collaboration, and performance support.


Employee Engagement 

Integrating collaborative learning activities in LXPs like Totara Engage can enhance remote or hybrid training. Employees can actively participate in online discussions, problem-solving tasks, and chat rooms or web conferences for regular updates.


Proactive Collaboration

Collaborative practices strengthen communication. When team members work together to achieve a common goal, they communicate and build gradual connections with their teammates.


Performance Support

Performance support boosts overall learning outcomes through skill retention and continued learning from other learners. We need to emphasize consistency in placing team members' learnings into practice and continued mentoring to ensure training efficiency.

Transitioning to remote learning has become even more challenging for L&D professionals; hence the necessity and relevance of limitless learning management systems (LMS) became prevalent in the talent management industry.


Bridge the Learning Gap Across Remote Teams

Totara Learn can be used to deliver training for compliance and create learning plans. Its competencies feature allows one to link courses to specific target competencies, making learning more relevant. Totara’s goal is to adapt to the unique needs of every organization and ensure each learning experience adds value to daily operations. 

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