Building an Engaged Workforce to Advance Employee Performance


Employee engagement is a crucial factor affecting overall team performance. Its direct impact on important business outcomes proves its significance in sustaining an organization's overall growth. 

A study conducted by Gallup reported that only 36 percent of employees are engaged in the workplace. It is relatively positive, considering many organizations have transitioned to the remote work setting. 

It only shows that engaging the workforce daily, even virtually, is essential. Here are a few points you need to advance your team’s performance through employee engagement.

Promoting Team Collaboration

Lack of understanding of the company's engagement activities, insufficient recognition, and poor communication are several causes of dropping engagement. Social and collaborative engagement urge organizations to prioritize and support their employees' needs. By doing so, employees can be more dedicated and passionate about getting their tasks done.

Boosting Work Quality

Organizations must provide learning opportunities for their workforce to leverage their strengths toward career development. Leaders must constantly make their employees feel that their efforts to excel matter. This will help increase their employees’ level of productivity, which can help improve the company’s daily operations. 

Decreasing Attrition

Organizations need a platform where upskilling their talent is seamless and can work according to their particular needs. Totara Engage is a learning experience platform (LXP) that promotes camaraderie and collaboration among employees by establishing a sense of joint remote workspaces and discussions. It enables organizations to reduce substantial costs associated with recruitment, time, and effort in training new team members. 


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