About Us

A global leader in creating empowering and enabling learning ecosystems.

Co-creating innovative solutions and quality services that advocate capacity building through learning.

What We Do

We are part of a global organization whose business is to support governments, coalitions and enterprises on sustainability and compliance challenges in the environment, social, and governance (ESG) space.

We journey with our partners to discover how to improve their learning process. We have collected experiences that make us more capable of building a better learning architecture that benefit the learners and inspire development. We have gained expertise in learning technologies through continuous improvement. We know how to transform complex information to simple concepts that people can use in their decisions.

We are relentless learning architects that create or enrich learning ecosystems.

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Global Offices

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At the helm of our organization are experienced leaders who consistently collaborate with clients to develop the most innovative learning solutions.

James Donovan

Chief Executive Officer,
ADEC Innovations

As Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jim brings 25 years of investment banking expertise and entrepreneurial vision into the company.

James Donovan

Carol Esguerra

Chief Financial Officer,
ADEC Innovations

As Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer, Carol negotiates high-level partnerships and acquisitions using her investment banking expertise.

Carol Esguerra

Lilian Reventar

Managing Director,
knowledge management

With over two decades of corporate leadership experience, Lilian heads ADEC Innovations' Knowledge Management division in creating innovative learning and development solutions for corporate and academic clients.

Lilian Reventar


Our work embodies high standards defined by internationally-recognized accreditation bodies and agencies. As a global company, ADEC Innovations Knowledge Management adheres to these standards and are integrated in our business process.