Content Management System (CMS)


Content Management System (CMS)

More than any other type of organization, academic institutions depend the most on the proper management of content.  Schools need an online portal connecting different types of stakeholders to different types of content, and it has to be able to fulfill that function in an intuitive manner that addresses the needs of the entire community.  Students need to be able to share files and resources, and to upload course requirements.  Faculty members need to be able to share their course syllabi and readings, as well as to manage content in various formats for the use of their classes.  School administrators need to be able to ensure that crucial information reaches the proper group of stakeholders in a timely and efficient manner. ADEC Innovations’ Knowledge Management division has created a Content Management System (CMS) that meets all these needs.

Have the flexibility to create and easily publish your content through our CMS! It enables an organization to modify website’s features to adapt to its users’ changing needs. Establish your organization’s online presence through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and track the utilization of your website via integration with Google Analytics.  

ADEC Innovations has a credible track record in serving and supporting the data management needs of large organizations, and this is what our Knowledge Management division leverages to create a full-scale CMS with multiple functionalities that are customized to integrate seamlessly into your organizational processes. Our CMS has the necessary tools to store, manage and deliver content efficiently to its intended audience.

With our CMS, you can easily manage your content and empower your people to work together, communicate online and collaborate toward greater goals.