English is the second-most spoken language in the world behind Mandarin, but it is the most widely spoken. The official language of more countries than any other language, English is the language of business and government, and over half of all the websites on the internet are written in English.

As a global language, English opens doors for everyone to access a wealth of knowledge, a huge network, and numerous career and business opportunities. More and more, the ability to speak in English becomes paramount to effectively communicate and cope with the demands of everyday life. Students and professionals are all recognizing the importance of learning English as a second language. Without the ability to understand the language, students, especially at the university level, find it a challenge to pass exams. For companies, being competitive means speaking good English, which is now commonplace in a globalized world.

We have the resources, technology and the personnel to enable your organization or institution to start or enhance your English language learning program. With leading-edge technology and highly competent yet friendly faculty, we offer dynamic online learning solutions for any age and proficiency level.

In addition, we also provide the following English-related training programs:

Accent Neutralization

Our Knowledge Management (KM) Division’s Accent Neutralization training program can help your foreign learners or employees reduce their native language accents and acquire a neutral American accent through drills in phonetics, intonation, word liaisons and free speech. This program is available either online or F2F and is customizable to suit individual client needs, time and resources. For trainer-led programs (5 to 10 learners per class), a pre-assessment is conducted to identify focus areas, and a post-training report will be given to each trainee. Despite their native accents, learners will be able to communicate in American English clearly, confidently, meaningfully and successfully in the classroom or workplace through KM’s Accent Neutralization program.


"The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a highly recognized standardized test by English-speaking academic and professional institutions specially in the US and Canada. It measures a person’s proficiency in English and how well they can use their English language skills in an academic classroom.

Our Knowledge Management (KM) Division offers online and F2F TOEFL training programs that will immerse learners in high-quality English lessons in listening, speaking, reading and pronunciation through skill-building activities, grammar lessons, test-taking strategies, practice mock questions and simulation tests under the guidance of our expert TOEFL teachers."


"The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a widely accepted English language test for foreign-language speakers who want to pursue higher education in or immigrate to the UK, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and other (British) commonwealth member-countries. It is recognized by over 9,000 organizations globally, including universities, colleges, employers, governments, immigration authorities and professional bodies. An IELTS exam measures a person’s ability in the four skills of writing, speaking, reading and listening. It is available in two formats – academic and general training. The academic module is appropriate for learners who seek admission to undergraduate or post graduate courses to educational institutions where English proficiency is a requirement. The general training module is applicable for learners who are going to train, work or settle in a country where English is the official language.

Our Knowledge Management (KM) Division’s IELTS Training will help prepare your learners to take the test with confidence. We will equip them with everything they need to achieve the best possible score by learning from our expert IELTS educators. We offer online and F2F learning sessions customized to your learners’ needs and resources. IELTS Training offers comprehensive English lessons, practice tests and test tips to help your learners get access to education, immigration, employment or professional training opportunities in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand."